We are The Point; a creative agency made up of a team of professionals that share a passion for simple and effective design that has a lasting impact. Since our creation in 2009, we have learned time and time again that the enduring value for our clients, and also for us, is formed through a collaborative process of growth and innovation. 


We are small; you can count all of us on two hands. But within our small team, you can find all the areas of expertise found in a much larger agency; we are made up of marketing experts, graphic designers, copywriters, project managers, event planners and content strategists. We even have a yoga master or two.   

A desire to eliminate unneeded hierarchies and clutter from the creative process is what led to The Point being founded in 2009. We are agile and can adapt to the new road that the project calls for. We are invested; each project is an opportunity to learn and develop a lasting relationship that extends much further past the finished product. We are small and we work with you, not just for you.


We take off by understanding your brand and the products and services that surround it. We identify its message, context and audience.

This marks the road that we undertake along with the client; creating unified content that is structured and purposeful. Content that resonates and lasts over time. Everyone adds value with their own unique competencies and abilities. Through close collaboration both internally and with our clients, these competencies come to light, new insights are reached and a journey is taken together.

The result? A brand is experienced in innovative and valuable ways, and a long-lasting dialogue is opened between a brand and its customers.