Salvatore Ciancio - Creative Art Director

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Drawing on his twenty-plus years of experience as an artist, photographer, concept developer and graphic designer, Salvatore founded The Point in 2009. From Italy by way of France and now Finland, Salvatore is a yoga practitioner and goes for a daily jog. His enthusiasm for exercise provides a degree of balance to his voracious hunger and passion for work. Salvatore is generally a calm spirit, but when inspiration strikes or when he is collaborating with a client and colleagues, he is often heard exclaiming, “fantastic!”, or “fantastico!”, depending on the day.

Languages: ENG/ITA/FRA


Juliana Romero - Creative Art Director Assistant

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Born in Colombia, Juliana grew up in Costa Rica and has continued to be a global traveler her whole life; working in Costa Rica, Spain, and taking a big leap over to Finland. Juliana has ten years of experience working in design and has a passion for branding. While the scenery surrounding her often changes, one constant for Juliana is a calm and curious outlook. That and her undying love for dance, especially flamenco, been her source of inspiration and energy over more than 6 years.

Languages: ENG/SPA/FR

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